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Artist hides Gold in Folkestone

A German artist's secret installation for the Folkestone Triennial has been revealed.  Michael Sailstorpher's has announced that he has buried 30 individual pieces of gold under the sand of the outer harbour beach in Folkestone.


The gold is buried across a wide expanse of beach which is only revealed during low-tide.  The German artist's 'Folkestone Digs' for the 2014 Folkestone Triennial had remained a secret from the public until it's announcement today, two days ahead of the official opening of the art festival.

 Outer Harbour Beach  

Previous works have seen the artist collect fallen autumn leaves, painting them and refasteneing them back onto the tree to stimulate a premature spring. 


His latest piece buried in Folkestone was commissioned by arts producers, Situations. 




Folkestone Triennial:  30 AUGUST -2 NOVEMBER

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