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The Burger Review 

Following our visit to Sladdens Farm, the students reviewed three different burgers to see how Dexter beef compared to some fast food alternatives. 


Googies Art Cafe in Folkestone are the only local restaurant to serve Dexter Beef and it features in their menu in a variety of ways, including the Dexter Beef Burger. 


We pitched a Googie Dexter Burger, a McDonalds Quarter Pounder and a Rustler Burger, brought from a local supermarket, that the consumer then heats in the microwave.


Having been told by Di at Sladdens, that Dexter beef does not shrink when it’s cooked, the students could tell by looking at the three burgers, which one was the Dexter as it was around three times the size of the others.  

Here’s what our students thought:


McDonalds - “The McDonalds burger was very dry and didn’t have much flavour.  The bun was thin and had no taste to it either.”


“The taste and smell were banging, but it looked dirty and messy.”


“This is what I’m used to.”


The Rustler -  “In the beginning I thought it was a Burger King until I found out it was a microwave burger."  


"It did have flavour unlike the McDonalds and it was my favourite.”


The Dexter Burger -  “It tasted really salty.”


“I’m not used to the taste.”


“I think the Dexter burger had a lot of flavour, but maybe too much.  It was a very rich tasting burger and was very thick.”


“It was my least favourite because it was too strong.”

The students agreed that they had not had a buger made of Dexter beef before and that it probably did taste of beef, unlike the processed versions they are used to.


As part of our food review and in the next issue of the Folkestone Status magazine, we will be looking at how burgers are made, what goes inside all of the burgers they have tasted and if ethics are important to how they feel about food.  

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