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Folkestone's Annual Boxing Dinner returns 

It’s another year and another evening of entertainment by the Folkestone Amateur Boxing Club, which this year is being held at the Leas Cliff Hall.


For their annual event, local boxers will take on competition from Wales, in the biggest show the club has put on for years:  “We’ve been running this show for years and this is probably one of the most exciting events we’ve had because it’s going to be based on a team event" said coach and organiser Barry Pluck.


"It really is quite unique for us to do something like this, normally it’s just a club contest that we run, but this one being a team event format is going to be different.” 

Along with watching local and visiting boxers go head to head, the club that has been running in the local community for over 40 years, are also hosting a dinner evening, with a three course meal on the same night.


The annual dinner raises vital funds for the club that work with young people in the town: “It’s a very important evening for us because this is how we make our money to help keep the club going for the next 12 months” said Barry.  

“We want kids off the street really, to come and get involved with sport and do something active rather than just staying in playing on their computers all night or perhaps going out and hanging around on street corners.  We want to get them involved with something and that’s why especially for the kids, we charge £1 to train. 


“It’s great value for money and it just gives them the incentive to get down and do something positive.”


Tickets for the dinner and boxing cost £40 a head, although tickets can be purchased for just the boxing, which cost £13 and can be purchased by calling 01303 253489 or 07946 326004.  

Folkestone Amateur Boxing Club

Annual Boxing Dinner Show – Friday 20 November @ The Leas Cliff Hall

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