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Our Scramble Experience - By KRAN

At the Battle of Britain Memorial Trust, a new member has joined the team.  Bob is a new character to help young people understand more about the aircrew who were in the Battle of Britain – so we took him along when we were lucky enough to be allowed to visit the Wing and the scramble experience.


Because we are all learning English as a second language, Bob’s guide helped us understand around the site, its history and the battle, with great pictures that also show the planes and the aircrew, what they looks like then and now.

We thought The Wing was really interesting and there was so much to see and do. We were given worksheets to fill out which meant we needed to find out lots of things and use the big map to find air bases and details about them.


There are also games and outfits to try on, and we were surprised when a film started. It felt like we were in the battle with planes flying over our heads.


It was also really good to walk outside and see the view with the memorial. Plus there were planes outside so we could stand right next to them.


We all really enjoyed our day at the museum and the guide with Bob really helped us.  We would all like to go again as it felt like there was a lot to learn and do.

Find out more about Bob here

As part of our eductaional work, we have been running a programme with KRAN - Kent Refugee Action Network - working with our young unaccompanied asylum seekers and refugees.

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