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Breakfast at Blooms

By Courtney Knowles

Walking down the Old High Street something caught our eye on a lovely hot morning; with the sun shining we glanced over to find Blooms was luring us in for a late breakfast bap. The sweet set up outside really gave you the feel of being abroad having a fancy tea/coffee with people walking past immediately becoming jealous at the fact that they too would want to be feeling like us.

The new menu offering you bacon or sausage in ciabatta or baguette we could not refuse! Whilst waiting we had tea and latte brought out to us in the sun, with the food following shortly after. Something so simple was presented so elegantly making me feel like I wasn’t just eating a normal dish you can make at home, I don’t understand how they made my bacon bap so appealing. The taste matched the standard of appearance too; both I and my companion ordered our meat with ciabatta not expecting it to be as filling as it was. Blooms provide you with their hand made bread making the flavours as nice as the scenery around you.  Could not say one negative comment towards the staff either with their warming smiles and welcoming words I would easily feel comfortable visiting by myself.

Defiantly recommended for all people as who wouldn’t want to be eating a simple bap down near the harbour with a feel of being on holiday?   

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