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The Pullman 

It's a gorgeous day and although that's always a bonus, today it means we can take our review outside and into the Pullmans garden.  


Walking through the pub to get to it, it is surprisingly quiet.  "Don't people go for lunch anymore?" my lunch date asks, I wonder if it's a bad sign. Turns out we are both wrong.  The food is delicious and we're having lunch so that means people still do. 


The difficulty with writing a food review is what do you choose off the menu? And can you manipulate whoever you are having lunch with so that you can write about their dish as well?  So, that did not happen, we both took one look at the very large menu and opted for the same.  A burger; and not just any old burger, but a burger with chorizo. 


When it arrives we both do a good impression of spectators on fireworks night: "Ooohhh. Aaaahhh" etc. Then we both look a bit worried.  It is huge, but I am definitely up for the challenge. 

 The burger with chorizo  

 The Pullmans on Church Street  

The meat was cooked perfectly and served in a crusty bap with chips and very light and crispy onion rings.  


There was one problem though; how on earth do you fit the burger in your mouth? It is served with a skewer struck through its middle to keep it all in place, so the minute you try to take a mouthful it does all start to become a bit of a mess.  


Dignified dining; no.  Delicious; yes. Napkin needed: 100%


Under new management since May this year, the menu is substantial and varied with something for everyone’s taste and pocket.  Having been here with colleagues on a Friday evening when it was busy, I can say when there are people in The Pullman, the atmosphere is great.


The service was also, on both occasions, extremely good.  My highlight of the lunch was not however either the relaxing garden in the sun (we actually lost about two hours to lunch), nor the gorgeous food but the fact that in the garden they have a big glass drinker full of water with glasses for you to have at your leisure and a bottle of sunscreen for the same. 


Now that’s service.  


The Pullman, 7-9 Church Street, Folkestone, CT20 15E

01303 240 538





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