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Try-Any-Ale it's a Beer Festival

The Try-Any-Ale Beef Festival is happening in Folkestone during the Triennial...See what they did there...


Over three days, the annual Folkestone event is back on, but this time at a different venue. Formerly held at the Leas Lift, this year the lads will hosting the festival at the Dance Easy studios at the Bayle. 

 The large selection of ale's and ciders  

The guys popped into Academy FM's breakfast show on the first day of the festival for a bit of a beer tasting.


They also told Academy FM why this year the venue had changed: "The Lift was a great venue but Dance Easy is equally as interesting a venue, and it’s just nice to move around a bit.


"Folkestone has got a lot of old buildings and it’s just nice to go somewhere different and have a change."

 Beer tasting on Academy FM's breakfast show  

The Beer Festival starts at 1pm on Friday and will carry on all weekend, or at least until the beer runs out, because when it's's gone. 


With 20 different beers to choose from, all of them, bar one, are from Kent and although this year there won't be any food apart from bar snacks, you are welcome to take your own.


So head over, take a picnic, take a beer or two and have a great time at this fantastic free event. 

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