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Guilt-Free Pleasure

That's the sort of food I like..

By Courtney Knowles

On Tontine street lays the vegetarian café ‘Beanos’ with an amazing range of meals to choose from. As it was my first time eating in a veggie restaurant I will not lie but I didn’t understand what half the food was; this just demonstrates I’m a meat loving girl. This is why I went for the safe option of a cannellini bean burger wrap as either way that could not of gone wrong, I was correct. 

The splash of colours over the wrap really opened my eyes to the vegetarian side of life. But as my mind was set on a burger when I took my first bite it was a bit of a shock to be tasting something that is meant to be greasy and meaty but replaced with a soft light texture – with no grease sliding around in my mouth. Food can’t get much better than that.

Don’t get me started on the sweet potatoes! Probably the best kind of potatoes I have ever eaten, ever. I’ll say that again, EVER. So light and fluffy with so much sweetness but not the kind you get a sickly feel after you eat too many. I could probably live of Beanos sweet potatoes, it’s a must try.

I wasn’t eating alone, even Sarah’s cannellini bean, red onion and avocado salad with halloumi looked extremely appealing, who knew a salad could look so good? She agreed it tasted as good as it looks.

So even if your a meat lover like me, I would seriously suggest you try the veggie way.

Bean Burger Wrap

Served on an open tortilla, with BBQ sauce, guacamole and red pepper - £5.50


Cannellini bean, red onion and avocado with halloumi - £7.00

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