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Batman vs Superman Review

In Superman’s previous film he succeeded in the battle against General Zod, leaving Metropolis razed to the ground and Superman the most controversial figure in the world. While for many he is still an emblem of hope, a growing number of people consider him a threat to humanity including Batman – due to some sketchy visions. With a growing suspicion on Superman throughout the film, Batman fears he will be the destroyer of society in the future. A series of fights and battles constantly happen between the two but with a new dark threat arising, the two heroes must team up to save the world.

I personally found the film a bit of a mess, and not easy to understand. Although, this could just be for the fact I’m not a comic fan, in fact I’ve never read one in my life but this doesn’t mean I can’t enjoy a superhero film. I will be honest though; the battle right at the end did grab my attention and certainly gave me a little tear.


I didn’t quite understand the storyline but doesn’t mean others don’t. A large group of comic enthusiast’s were sat right behind me and immediately started debating and discussing about the features of the film. So the film wasn’t for me but defiantly is for others especially in such a lovely cinema that’s right on our doorstep. If you’ve watched a film at the Silver Screen Cinema you know how lovely the setting and atmosphere is, and if you haven’t yet enjoyed a film before at the Silver Screen your most certainly in for a treat.



Batman vs Superman @ The Silver Screen Cinema

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