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Banksy's the Artist

As the new addition to Folkestone's many artworks appeared overnight, people have been waiting for confirmation: Is it a Banksy?


The graffiti artist has confirmed that he has added the town to his many locations, after posting a photo of the artwork on his website.


Added to a wall above Payers Park, the location itself has been on the receiving end of debate, with large amounts of criticism appearing on local papers social media, regarding the local community who use the area.


Will the public's views on graffiti change when a famous, valuable artist is behind the graffiti?


The artist known as Banksy was born in Bristol but his identity has remained a mystery, despite The Mail on Sunday claiming his identity, something that was neither confirmed nor denied.  


Where Banksy's wall art appears, legal rows sometimes follow.  In April 'Mobile Lovers' appeared on a wooden panel in a doorway at the Broad Plain Boy's club and was almost immediately crowbarred off.


Banksy approved its sale to raise money but the local authorities claimed ownership.  In August the piece was sold after Banksy wrote to the club telling them it was theirs.

 Photographs by Kay McLoughlin  

Folkestone is half way through it’s #Lookout Triennial, the arts festival which has had contributors including Yoko Ono and Andy Goldsworthy. 


At its launch it was announced that Berlin artist Michael Sailstorfer had buried £10k worth of Gold under the sand by the town’s harbour.  


Since the announcement, locals and visitors alike have been flocking with spades and metal detectors in an attempt to find their own piece of treasure.


One things for sure, when it comes to Folkestone, it's anything but predictable. 

 Folkestone Digs by Michael Sailstorfer  

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