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 Ampersand Design Cafe

Ampersand Design Café opposite the Quarterhouse feels like a secret. A secret that only a handful of people know about and now I know why, it’s so good people don’t want to share it. 


Arriving for lunch and being recommended a dish by two ladies on their way out, we aim for the bar table overlooking Tontine Street.


Choosing what to eat was a bit tricky as everything sounded as though it would ease the lunchtime hunger groans coming from our stomachs, so with lots of small dishes to choose from we decided to pick a few different dishes and share.  

The first dish to arrive was the scallops, two, and beautifully cooked.  My fellow diner had never eaten this small meaty shellfish before and I can safely say trying to share the dish proved a little tricky.


Next came the meatballs, which I expected to come with more of a sauce, as meatballs, dry, can be, well rather dry.  These did not disappoint, beautifully cooked and a perfect side.


We then moved onto the homemade cheese and onion quiche, perfect, wobbly, a crisp crust and a large portion.  This would be enough for a light lunch on its own and indeed I returned the next day to get a takeaway of it.


The best however was saved till last and the one that was recommended, the salmon flatbread was the size of the plate, beautifully flavoured dough, thin and crispy with a topping oozing out flavours.   

We can’t believe this place is not packed out, but like I said – It’s a bit of a secret.

Ampersand Design Cafe

46 Tontine Street

CT20 1JU


01303 487466

Also a wine bar it’s the perfect place to pop in on an evening before catching a film, crossing the road to the Quarterhouse, or simply heading home or out for a few drinks. 


Also great on the wallet, the two of us had four dishes and two drinks which came to just over £16.  


We are breaking the silence, go to Ampersand immediately, the food is fantastic, so is the price and the owner is also the perfect combination of host and chef.


My fellow diner has retuned twice since, and within a week – now if that’s not a great advert I don’t know what is.


I for one am hooked.

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