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There are 2 events now.  The first is a screening of ALIEN (certificate 18) on 21/11 to raise funds for the Movember Foundation and two weeks later there’ll be a screening of 'ALIENS': The Director’s Cut (certificate 15) on 5/12 raising funds for SSAFA – the Armed Forces Charity.  Both screenings will take place in the Silver Screen Cinema in Folkestone from 9pm. 


The events will be linked by a limited edition “ALIEN” military dog tag that will act as ticket for ALIEN and build awareness for the ALIENS screening.  The cost of these dog tags has been covered by select local businesses (listed further down) who will be offering dog tag wearing attendees only, a 10% discount between 21st November and the 30th November 2015 (terms & conditions apply, check website for details).  If both screenings sell out, they anticipate raising approximately £3000 for each charity.     


Tom Langlands the creator of the event said "I love film and ALIEN is one of my favourites but, like many fans, I’ve never had the opportunity to see it at the cinema.  I thought it would be fun to get 400 Folkestonians together under one roof to watch an outstanding film and in the process raise money for charity and also generate some footfall for local businesses.  Although there’s no questioning the global importance of the Movember Foundations work, hair sometimes gets in the way of the real issues. Times have changed and the male population, especially the young and fashionable ones, are now distinctly more hirsute and  Movember is in real danger of alienating a generation of men who don’t participate.  By putting on a charity film, there’s now an opportunity for them, their family, friends and colleagues to show their support for the Movember foundation, and hopefully SSAFA too". 

Anyone who’s 18 or over can come and see ALIEN and in the process they will be raising money for the Movember foundation.  They’ve set up a Movember team for Folkestone, Team Molkestone, and would actively encourage anyone taking part in Movember, individually or part of a group, to join this team.  This won’t impact on your individual fundraising but it will feed into a cumulative team total.  ALIENS is a 15 certificate so minors aged 15 or over will be allowed in, providing they have proof of ID.

ALIEN tickets are now £10 each or £32 for a group ticket (4 people).  However, They are offering 25% off concessions for the following:  

British Armed Forces (current or retired) – Use discount Code – MARINE

NHS/Veterinary Staff (current or retired) – Use discount code – MEDIC

Teaching/Coaching Staff (current or retired) – Use discount code – MOTHER

Movember (current only) – Use discount code – CREW

ALIEN @ Silver Screen Cinema 

21st November

ALIENS @ Silver Screen Cinema

5th December

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