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Room 213 - The Folkestone Academy Restaurant

Room 213 is the showcase restaurant for students studying Hospitality and Catering at The Folkestone Academy and by all accounts is very difficult to get in as bookings are taken three months in advance. Luckily I am invited to an impromptu lunch as a friend has a spare seat at her table. Walking around a school heading for lunch at a restaurant seems a little odd but the three course set menu keeps you on track.


The waiting staff here are also the students and very attentive they were too.  We had barely sat down when we were offered water and bread and as it was a school day, there was no turning it into wine. 


The menu looked delicious and not what I was expecting.  I went for the fresh herb and sesame crumb coated camembert, which was perfect while one of my lunch companions had the tartare of smoked mackerel and prawns, confirmed as being extremely good and it certainly did look it.  






Salmon with Sweet Chilli Dressing 

 Coated Camembert 

The main was a variety of different dishes on one plate; salmon, cooked perfectly with a sweet chilli dressing.  Also served on the same dish was a warm Moroccan style couscous and a selection of salads. Although individually very good, there was a little too many flavours and ideas going on for the one dish.  I did not manage to eat the salad and it went back to the kitchen untouched, not just by me but also the others at our table. A good sign to the kitchen that there was too much food. 


There were some wonderful flavours in my lunch which unfortunately got a bit lost in the sea of dishes. One of our table had the Jersey Royals and as a native to the Island I had to try one, despite bursting out of my trousers.  These were a dissapointment and provoked no fond memories for me. When you know how good a Jersey should be, these sadly did not pass the test. 


Pudding was a strawberry and chantilly cream paris-brest with a caramel sauce, which tasted very much like a bagel and was a little heavy after such big dishes, but as with the other courses, beautifully presented. 


What really stood out for me was the service, which was spot on, we never had the chance to ask for more water, are glasses were always full.  My fellow dinners all loved their lunches and I will gladly go back to try their next menu. 


All in all - a very nice lunch at fantastic value.



Set Lunch – 3 courses £12.00


Room 213, The Folkestone Academy, Academy Lane, Folkestone, CT19 5FP

01303 842493

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